Installing commercial playground and fitness equipment

Let the professionals do the installation for you

When installing a playground or fitness site, you cannot cut corners when it comes to the future safety of the users. Whether you want to build a large or small site, KOMPAN has been building and installing play and fitness equipment for more than 50 years, so let us take care of your next project too!

Our commercial playground installation service will take you carefully through the regulations and safety rules, as well as the necessary precautions needed to install a safe playground or fitness area that will last for many years!


What are the pitfalls of installing a large playground?

When installing a large playground with a large play capacity, it takes time and a team of knowledgeable installers. Therefore, we prioritise a professional team that has experience with installing KOMPAN playground equipment.

In Tallinn, they wanted a truly spectacular custom-made 10-meter high Robinia castle. The castle is the biggest KOMPAN Robinia castle in the world, and it took no less than 10 cranes to install the impressive castle, a job that required a professional installation team.


Is it easier to install a small playground?

You might think that installing a smaller playground is easy, or perhaps a fun DIY project, but many thoughts and precautions are still an absolute necessity to ensure a safe play for the users.

A smaller playground can be the perfect way to optimise smaller spaces, and if you chose our core or standard products, the installation time will be faster. However, you will still be left with a playground that live up to your needs and wishes.

Do you need some inspiration? Check out our playground solutions!

Does it take experience to install fitness equipment?

Safety and durability are important when it comes to designing and installing an outdoor gym. KOMPAN has the best outdoor fitness solutions, and a professional installation team to make sure everything is put together correctly – ensuring the users get a valuable workout.


When you start designing and installing a new play or fitness area you need to consider a lot of details like surfacing, budget, the users, material, surroundings, as well as the local government regulations, certifications, and safety precautions.

KOMPAN can help with all the above-mentioned areas and are happy to lift the burden from your shoulders as your playground installation company.

What to consider 

  • Budget: The amount of equipment and the area of the play or fitness site depend on your budget. When we know your budget, it is easier to find the perfect solution to fit your needs.
  • The users: Who should use the area? Shall the playground cater to all age groups or maybe have inclusive play designs thought into it?
  • The surroundings: Are you planning to build your next playground in a park? A wooden playground would fit perfectly with the aesthetic. Do you want to captivate something unique about the area, a custom design might be the solution?
  • Material and Surface: Should the equipment be made from Robina wood, Steel, or maybe from our GreenLine products? And would you like the surface of the area to be sand, grass, or our FLEXOTOP™ ECO surfacing.





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