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KOMPAN Ireland work closely with architects to create spaces where people of all ages and abilities can enjoy themselves through play, sport and exercise. Careful consideration is given to the architects vision while keeping the users to the forefront of our designs. Our in-house designers are based in our Galway office and have over ten years experience in working with architects and creating play and sport areas to suit all needs and sites. Our Irish team has access to resources from our offices worldwide where we can consult with play specialists, engineers, technicians and landscape architects. This ensures we provide the best quality service and can provide consultation and advice for all architects interested in KOMPAN products. We offer an extensive range of products to suit all landscapers and budgets that offer the highest play value. To further enhance our service we also have the option to modify these products through The Design Studio to suit your site and budget requirements.

Our website provides a comprehensive download section where all technical files are available to help you specify KOMPAN products for your play space. Be inspired by our cases around the world and learn more on our extensive range of products.

When searching for inspiration and the right product pieces, you can browse through the KOMPAN website to find and download all the necessary files and technical documentation, enabling you to creative your unique solution for the play and activity space. The following selection of cases from across the globe present some of the outstanding solutions that our clients, and their clients have created together with KOMPAN. Get inspired here and learn more on how to plan your solution together with our skilled consultants and release the potential of your architectural visions. 

KOMPAN Design Studio

We make your playground visions a reality

Kompan design studio

Customised solutions 

The KOMPAN Design Studio was created within the KOMPAN Group to focus on creating innovative play structures that are tailor made to suit your specific site requirements. This team consists of designers, engineers, play consultants and landscape architects who have extensive experience in the play industry and who will work on your behalf to create a customised structure full of play value. Our Design Studio team have access to all KOMPAN resources worldwide and work closely with our Play and Sport and Fitness Institutes to ensure your requirements are met and that end users will have a play or sports area that will encourage creativity and movement. When working with KOMPAN Ireland you can be assured our team will use all available resources to ensure your requirements are met. and you can be guaranteed to receive the highest quality service from our in-house design and sales team.   


In the download section of each product, you can download both 2D and 3D drawings to use in your next project.

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