Early Childhood

Focus on high quality early years education is high and well-planned pre-school and montessori play areas enable children to develop, create positive relationships and increase their physical activity. The happiest toddlers are those who are stimulated and face age-appropriate challenges. With KOMPAN's toddler and early years range of equipment there is something for even the most energetic of toddlers and their developmental needs.

Physical play activity is essential, even for young children, to help develop their motor and social skills. For children, the motivation to play and move is high and when pre-school and montessori play areas offer opportunities to swing, slide and spin younger children will benefit from the increased movement and activity.

Themed and sensory play is important for younger children and within our toddler and early years range of equipment we have designed equipment to promote imaginative play which helps younger children develop their minds and personalities. Our playhouses, springer units and themed toddler units provide play opportunities for all abilities, which helps to stimulate children's development and imagination.

Different play opportunities encourage children to develop their competencies, promote social play and helps children understand how the world works. At KOMPAN Ireland we provide a variety of equipment to suit all budgets and sites and offer a free site consultation to help provide your pre-school or montessori area with the best play solutions to suit your budget and site.