A world's first in playground play

Pole vaulting at 2.5 meters height

Thrill and Social play in one

For school aged children that seek a thrilling play experience the Cliff Rider has it all as well as being a unit that encourages social play and communication.  It's thrilling and brand new and it encourages hours of active, social play for both boys and girls.

Thrill and Social play in one
For school aged chi

A result of childrens' ideas and input

How we developed the Cliff Rider together with the children


Cliff Rider Safety Evaluation

“It’s fun because it feels a little dangerous, in a way. You can use it in many ways: backwards, hanging in your arms, with your eyes closed and so on…”

“It’s good fun. Especially because you overcome your fear. I found the courage to try it when my friend helped me.”

Julle & Naina, playful children

11 year old children who tested our new Cliff Rider 


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