Farming and Excavation

Our new farming family consists of a tractor, a digger and a barn. Three ultimate play starters that fit in to any surrounding and delight pre-schoolers anywhere.

The playful, appealing and familiar design attracts children, and the many play features inside will keep them playing for hours.

A themed outdoor playground unlocks children's imagination

Themed play items are always popular with children. The real-life inspired features have a magnetic and wondrous effect on them, and the connection with something familiar from the adult world, attracts and intrigues children to explore.

The children immediately recognise the tractor, and in their dramatic play with that theme, it opens an understanding of a wider world: driving, harvesting, working. All spiced up with a variety of fun climbing, sliding and gliding.

Built to last

The Farming play structures are built on KOMPAN’s famous Moments™ platform that has been successfully market tested for more than 30 years.

Need advice?

We have nearly 50 years of experience, and will support you throughout the project.