Sand play – more than just a good time!

The new sand structures offer the joys of sand play with a series of intriguing play activities. They will encourage children to explore their bodies and senses, and gain insights from play, nurturing the growth of logical thinking, cause and effect understanding and not least cooperation and turn-taking.

Aha, that’s how…

The multifunctional sand hoist encourages hours of cause-and-effect learning where the child grows an understanding of the action it takes and the reaction it gets. Mind-blowing!

Aha, that’s how…
The multifunctional sand hoist e

Quality that lasts


Panels of 19mm EcoCore™. EcoCore™ is a highly durable, eco friendly material, which is not only recyclable after use, but also consists of a core produced from 100% recycled material.


All decks are supported by aluminium profiles with multiple attachment options by usage of pressure moulded aluminium connectors. The HPL decks has a thickness of 17.8 mm and a very high wearing strength and a non skid surface texture.


Sand shovel is made of PP and attached to the stainless steel pipe by a stainless steel chain. PP has good wearing and impact resistance.


The sand hoist is designed with upper and lower EcoCore tracks with large diameter to ensure a safe distance between the chains to prevent entanglement. The chain is made of high-quality stainless-steel to ensure long durability.

Besides being so much fun, sand play is also immensely valuable for the child’s cognitive and creative development.

Jeanette Fich Jespersen

Head of KOMPAN Play Institute

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