Agility Nets


No other play equipment offers so many different opportunities to get in motion and use mind and body skills to find ways through the rope jungle. It is a scientific fact that development of a child’s brain at early school age requires complex stimulation. Corocord parkour modules hold the BAG¹ seal of quality, recognised to be highly stimulating for children’s physical development.

In the Agility Nets category, we offer the broadest range of three- dimensional net attractions arranged in different ways to match any site and budget. Well-arranged combinations attract boys and girls of all age groups. Younger ones stay on first level, while teens and grown-ups get additional thrill on the top level of the modules. An asymmetric set-up of the modules with their tricky obstacles calls for the children’s imagination and fantasy. Selected planar nets provide places for relaxing and hanging out, watching others solving the course.

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