Fly through the air with our Cableways

A cableway in any playground is sure to be a popular choice! It is an adventure for all ages and children will queue and wait their turn to experience the thrill of this unit.

The thrill is a 25 metre ride through the air and after you will want to do it time and time again.  Cableways are often for solo use but sometimes if space allows you can have two cableways side by side which makes the experience even more fun as you can do it with friends!

Cableways are a great addition to any playground and children will love the whole experience - as with any free standing unit it can complete your play area.

How do I chose a cableway?

Our cableways are available for both sloped and flat sites and we can help you decide on where to put your cableway to ensure maximum fun

Are cableways safe?

All our equipment is tested and certified to EN standards - cableways are a thrilling experience and children will know their limits and analyse if they are comfortable to use this unit.


Need advice?

We have nearly 50 years of experience, and will support you throughout the project.