Playhouses and Themed Play

Themed Units and Imaginative Play

It is nice for younger children to see familiar objects in a play area and our themed units can help children relax and enjoy the play experience. With the open plan designs of our units it encourages children to socialise and play together while creating their own games.

Themed play can help children to create imaginative new worlds where they are fire people, an astronaunt or a truck driver and it can help them develop good communication skills.

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Our freestanding play units range from traditional swings and slides to seesaws and springers and our themed units and playhouses play a vital role in a playground as they help children to develop new skills and their imagination.

By combining our free standing units you can create an imaginative, challenging play area for all ages to enjoy.

When do toddlers begin to enjoy play?

Our range includes equipment suitable for children who are beginning to crawl. This age group is drawn to the bright colours and familiarity of the products.

How do I chose equipment?

Choosing equipment can be difficult due to the large range of equipment we have within our range - our team have many years experience in designing playgrounds and are happy to provide advice on what equipment best suits your site and budget - contact our office today for advice on your play area.

Need advice?

We have nearly 50 years of experience, and will support you throughout the project.