The seesaw is a classic piece of play equipment and has been a favourite in the KOMPAN range for many years. Our range of seesaws are instantly recognisable to children of all ages and children will return to them each time they visit the playground. Our extensive range of seesaws come in many shapes, materials, colours and sizes. KOMPAN's seesaws encourage children to enjoy the rocking sensation together, which adds a social dimension to play! Rocking on a seesaw helps develop children's balance and co-ordination as well as their motor and social skills. Whatever your theme is, our range of seesaws can help develop and enhance it - our horse and motorcycle seesaws motivate imaginative play while our home or ocean seesaws are themes that are easily recognisable to all ages. These seesaws have a spacious design that allows many children to play together and adults can get involved in the play. Back supports are also available for a selection of our seesaws.

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