Toddler Equipment

A happy toddler is a stimulated toddler

With KOMPAN’s toddler equipment, there’s something for even the most energetic of toddlers and their developmental needs. The playful designs draw on familiar connotations and invite the children to dramatic, developmental play. Whether it is climbing the tallest giraffe or driving a pretend car, the KOMPAN toddler universe gently stimulates and guides toddlers on their way to understanding the world around them.

Our toddler equipment encourages children to climb inside and outside our units and this helps to improve their motor skills and confidence. Children will work together to create games, use their imagination and have fun!

For the first six months of a babys life everything is black and while but after that it is colour all the way! Children associate colour with messages and are attracted to colours like red, blue, green and yellow.

For this reason within our toddler range we use bright colourful colours that will attract children to play and our themed units are units that will be instantly recognisable for younger children - be it a house or a garden or a car!

What Material is used in our Toddler Range?

Built of panels and roofs with maximum UV stabilsation the vitality of colours is sustained for a lifetime of play as are the galvanised powder coated support posts.

Background of our design

Our range of toddler equipment is age appropriate and children will face challenges that suit their age group and development. Colour is so important for the development of young children and when we started creating play units we used bright primary colours to attract children and we continue to use these colours in our designs today.

Need advice?

We have nearly 50 years of experience, and will support you throughout the project.