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Our Nature Play product range is predominately made up of products using Robinia Hardwood - other hardwoods and pine are used where appropriate. Each unit we create is unique and we let the grain dictate how we use each piece.

The use of European Robinia is totally sustainable and it is at the centre of our Nature Play range - it features in our themed play units such as our ships and playhouses while also featuring in our traditional play equipment such as swings and springers.

The strength and durability of Robinia Hardwood is ideal for our obstacle courses with the end result being a challenging and fun experience for all children.

What is Robinia?

Robinia is the tree with many benefits - it replenishes the soil with nitrogen, it burns well and produces a dense, versatile timber. It is native to Eastern America and was introduced to Europe in 1602. The tree grows worldwide but it is most profilic in Germany, Romania and Czech Republic.

It is our wood of choice due to its versatility, strength, uniqueness and durability.

Robinia Aftercare

Wood is a living material and will change over time due to weather conditions which adds to the character of the units - during routine inspections its important to note any cracks and contact our after sales team with any queries or concerns.

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