Robinia Ships

All aboard our Robinia Ships

If your playground has been conquered by sea monsters and pirates, then it’s time to get everybody on deck and get to sea.

KOMPAN’s Robinia Ships are packed with fun, adventure-creating activities that will leave children playing and exploring for hours on end. With so much to explore, the play stories are likely to reach beyond the 7 seas, and before you know it, you’ll be receiving conquered gold coins in return for just 5 more minutes on the playground.


Our ships come in three sizes and are packed full of play value and our design team can advice what changes can be made if you would like to create a custom unit for your play area.

The Robinia tree is ideal for use in play equipment as it is a strong and durable material that is highly sustainable.

How do I start picking equipment?

Our sales and design team can help you when picking equipment - we have an extensive range to chose from which can be daunting. Contact our office for a price list or site consultation.

How much do the Robinia Ships cost & what is the lead time?

Pricing varies depending on the size of the ship-contact our office for a price list. Lead time for the units is approx 4-6 weeks.

Can changes be made to the ships?

It is possible to make some changes to the units - contact our office and our design team will be able to advise on what changes are possible.

Need advice?

We have nearly 50 years of experience, and will support you throughout the project.