Play Systems

Play systems can help define a play area and give it a focal point that children will return to time and time again and wiht a wide variety of designs and themes available you can create a play area that suits all ages and abilities. Each play system offers a fun, challenging solution for all ages that will help children learn new skills and socialise together. With castles, ships, our innovative climbing range BLOQX and our SMART Playground based on the fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen each of our play systems is a statement of fun! And to further enhance our play systems range, earlier this year we launched our GIANTS range which is an exciting range of large theme lead units that are full of play value.

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Playground Classics

Our range of play systems cover a broad range of activities and changes can be made to suit your requirements - units from our GIANTS range or our castles and ships can be used to theme your playground to suit local history or our Story Maker units can inspire children to create their own games and let their imagination run wild!

Colour in your Playground

From the age of about eight months old children begin to recognise colours and from then on it plays a vital role in their development. Colour can be used to highlight danger or signify fun and can help children begin to understand the world around them. KOMPAN founder, Tom Lindhardt, used yellow, blue and red extensively in his early designs as children are drawn to primary colours and today we continue to use these bright primary colours in our designs.

The Importance of Play in Child Development

To ensure our equipment continues to meet the needs of all children we carry out extensive research through our in-house research department - the KOMPAN Play Institute. Their aim is to get the most out of the play experience in terms of social and physical development. Play might seem like just fun but it is vital for building social, communication and motor skills while also teaching children to share and wait their turn.



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