GIANTS - Climbing Structures that inspire adventure

Our GIANTS range are tall and impressive that dominate any play areas - the height of our GIANTS attract attention and will attract children over and over again.

GIANTS are for all ages and safety is our priority - enclosed in a variety of see-through and themed panels children from six years to twelve can navigate their way to the top. From the top you can decide which route to take to the bottom!

The GIANTS are about adventure, often using themes from the local area -  children love to play but will be inspired to use their imagination and role play when playing on themed units.


The dominant feature of a GIANT is its height - they dominate the sky and require physical effort to reach the top - using the height the slides offer a greater thrill due to speed and crossing bridges can be dramatic.

The Giants range encourages play and are packed full of play value - these units can help children develop language and communication skills - while also encouraging teamwork as children try to navigate to the top.

To find out more about any of our products contact our office for more information.

Can changes be made to the GIANTS range?

Some changes are possible and our design team will advise you on what changes are possible.

How many children can play on a GIANT unit at the one time?

There is no numerical limit. The GIANTS are of different configurations and sizes. All our materials are tested and surpass the highest safety levels in the industry.  

What is the price of each unit?

Prices vary depending on each unit - our sales team can help you decide what unit best suits your site and budget - contact our office to arrange a free of charge site meeting to further discuss your options.

Need advice?

We have nearly 50 years of experience, and will support you throughout the project.