Story Makers

Creative Play with our Story Makers Range

Designed using bright colours this inviting range of equipment promotes social and imaginative play. With a range of activities including sliding, climbing, balancing and wobbling our Story Makers range is designed with two themes that children can easily identify with such as the ocean, jungle and home.


This range is designed to stimulate the mind and body while developing motor and cognitive skills. There is some flexibility within the range and it is possible to make some changes to the units.

Outdoor play is so important for all ages and can help develop vital skills that will help children throughout their lives - children develop communication skills, motor skills and playing in the outdoors is healthier for them.

Is it possible to make changes to the units?

Some changes are possible to the units and our design team in our Galway office can help advise you what is possible.

What is the lead time on the units?

Lead time is approx 4-6 weeks and when an order is placed our contracts department will keep you updated on delivery dates.

What size budget do we need?

Budgets vary depending on the size of the area you have along with the equipment and safety surfacing you prefer. Our sales managers can help advise you on budgets during site consultations.

Need advice?

We have nearly 50 years of experience, and will support you throughout the project.