Robinia Play Sculptures Catalogue

Do you dream of a customized and unique playground? 

Robinia Play Sculptures open endless possibilities for innovative themes that bring a uniquely artistic experience to the playground. Using sustainable and durable Robinia wood, the sculptures are big, they are beautiful, and they are fun. KOMPAN’s industry-leading designs have always been colorful and creative, dynamic and dramatic, now they can be totally individual and iconic.

The team at the KOMPAN Design Studio takes your chosen idea or concept and creates a design that reflects and represents your community. 

Inspired by civic pride, the sculpture could be a lighthouse, a train, a bird, an animal, just about anything. It can be about the past or look to the future. Crammed with playful opportunities, a Robinia Play Sculpture stands out as a symbol for something special, a landmark telling an important part of the story about the area it is in.



Loaded with play inside and outside


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