School Playground Equipment

With schools expected to cater for children's life skills in addition to their academic skills, KOMPAN Ireland can help develop your school play area that will provide a stimulating, challenging, safe and social space that encourages children to use their imagination while having fun and being active.

Social interaction will be strong in well-planned school playgrounds where children will happily wait their turn or invent games and this leads to a positive outcome in the classroom. Guided or instructed activities and teaching may very well take place in the school playground which leads to varied learning and can assist children in having a better understanding of their curriculum.

Why Children love KOMPAN School Play Areas

Well designed school playgrounds can help develop children's social and physical skills which are so important in our current environment where many children and young adults lead sedentary life styles and need support and direction to help improve their physical health. Our comprehensive range of high quality innovative outdoor play and sports equipment offer long lasting qualtiy that is certified to all relevant standards and provides value for money for schools and public play areas.

School children across the country love our KOMPAN playgrounds which provide a welcome activity to test their minds and bodies during breaks which will have a positive impact on the classroom environment on their return indoors.

The World Health Organisation recommends that children above the age of 5 years train their motor skills and strength, so our age-appropriate school playground equipment offers varied opportunities for physical activity to motivate children to be active in a fun way.

Improving Student Attention

As an experienced playground equipment supplier, we understand that opportunities for play and physical activity have a direct impact on student's behaviour within the classroom environment and that opportunities for physical activity help to improve children's attention span in the classroom. That's why we design our playgrounds with specific age groups in mind, so students can get the best out of their play time and our school playgrounds help to develop children's co-ordination, balance and social skills.

Safety Standards

Children's health and safety lie at the forefront of our projects and all our equipment and surfacing is certified to European Standards and certification is available for all units and surfacing. Children can try new activities and challenges in a safe environment which promotes self-confidence and a sense of achievement when they succeed at something new.

Value For Money

As market leader KOMPAN have developed a dedicated in-house research team - The KOMPAN Play Institute. Our Play Institute monitor trends, conduct in-depth research in health, learning, social inclusion and child development which allows KOMPAN to constantly innovate to develop new products and increase play value. Our team work with schools to develop play areas that will suit all abilities.

45 Years Experience Creating Playground Equipment for Schools

Since KOMPAN Ireland started in 2001 we have helped hundreds of schools throughout the country to develop and enhance their outdoor areas. We provide a free on site consultation which allows us to ensure we meet your unique needs. Following this meeting our in-house design team prepare a paln based on your requirements and our experience allows us to use the space to the maximum. Each school play area we design is unique and custom designed to best suit the needs of the school and its students.