KOMPAN Cardio Exercise Equipment

Cardio Fitness from KOMPAN

Some of the more complex indoor equipment is now available in the outdoors - introducing our Cardio units which includes three bikes and utilises the technology available to many of us - the smartphone.

Our City and Sport bike both offer different exercise experiences. You can include or exclude a 7" touchscreen that will connect to your smartphone and open our Cardio App to guide you through your fitness regime.

Our third bike option -the arm bike, also has the possibilty of connecting with your smartphone and is accessible from both sides which means users can exercise sitting or standing. This unit is also suitable for use by wheelchair users.

A challenging workout is guaranteed on our cross trainer where you have the extra intensity of have a special sprint mode! Like the bikes this unit can be used with your smartphone and can come with or without a touchscreen.

As the resistance is adjustable each workout is specific to the user which can increase the intensity and the rewards of working out!

Cardio Questions

Can any colour changes be made to the units?

The units are available in orange or black - if additional colours are required contact our sales team to find out if this is possible.

How weatherproof is the equipment?

These units are specifically designed for the outdoors and have been researched extensively by our fitness departments and are very robust in all weathers.

What are the benefits of exercising in the outdoors?

Exercising in the outdoors can help you clear your head and your lungs and help you focus on your goal. Also as the units are outdoors it can be a great meeting point and social occasion so it can help you make new friends.


Need advice?

We have nearly 50 years of experience, and will support you throughout the project.