Outdoor Circuit Training Equipment

Train in the Outdoors with KOMPAN Circuit Training Units

Gym users will be familiar with the concept of circuit training and it is a focused way to train and exercise. We have now taken this familiar concept from gyms and brought it to the outdoors.

The units are ideal for a complete training session - exercises are repeated a specific number of times or for an allocated amount of time. Products can range from easy to advanced allowing each user to set their own routine.



By creating a routine with targets Circuit Training is one of the easiest ways to measure any improvements in your fitness levels and can help improve heart health and will help you build stamina and muscle.

Outdoor Circuit Training Questions

How weather resistant is the equipment?

KOMPAN equipment is built to last and is long lasting and durable so it should be able to withstand most climates.

Do instructions come with the units?

Our fitness equipment includes guides on how to use them and our specially designed KOMPAN Fitness App can help guide you on some exercises.

What is the lead time on equipment?

Lead time on our equipment is approx 4-6 weeks.


Need advice?

We have nearly 50 years of experience, and will support you throughout the project.