Multi Use Games Areas

Ball Sports for All

KOMPAN's Multi Use Games Area, MUGA, come in many shapes and sizes to fit all sports and environments. This overview contains some of our most popular MUGA's and some design inspirations so you can build your own MUGA exactly as you want it to suit your site. Basic solutions in a series of standard sizes are shown for you to use as a starting point and we can help you to create a unique MUGA to suit your preferred style, play value, choice of materials and accessibility in more than 40,000 ways.

A MUGA area is specifically designed to be used by many people to create a happy and healthy community.

Multi Use Games Areas Questions

Where do I find pricing?

Contact our office for pricing on our MUGA's  - pricing varies depending on the size and material and we can also help price a customised MUGA if required

What are the benefits to the community when a MUGA is installed?

A MUGA area has many benefits to the community that include

  • A variety of sports are availble
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Encourages team sport and social interaction
  • Improves fitness and encourages people to be active
  • Accessible to all

Is it possible to make changes to the pitches?

We have designed our MUGA's so that they can be customised in terms of size, materials, play value and accessibility. Our sales team can provide you with different options and advise on what best suits your site and budget.