Obstacle Courses

Fitness for All

Over the years we have started to lead a more sedentary lifestyle with screens and technology taking over from exercise and physical movement. Our bodies are no longer used to activities such as running, crawling and climbing and in a bid to change this we have introduced our range of Obstacle Courses which bring us back to our roots as they encourage us to move by running, crawling and climbing.

When choosing equipment from this range of units ensure you select equipment that will offer a variety of exercises and encourage movement in the legs and arms.

Obstacle Courses - designed for all ages and abilities and the only aim is to complete the course!


Obstacle Courses Questions

How do I decide on what equipment we need?

Our sales managers can advise you on what works best for your needs and remember to try cover the basic exercises of balance, climbing, jumping and overhead exercises.

How many can use the units at a time?

Obstacle courses are designed so many users can participate at the same time - agree on direction and stagger start times and everyone can benefit from exercising in the outdoors!

Can one person on their own use these units?

Training on your own is possible and you can set yourself targets regarding times and how many circuits but sometimes it is easier to motivate yourself to train if you are part of a group - obstacle courses can help improve fitness while socialising with friends.



Need advice?

We have nearly 50 years of experience, and will support you throughout the project.