Bootcamp Training

Bootcamp Training - Intense Fitness

Bootcamp Training is an intense fun form of exercise whose origins can be dated back to the military where strength and fitness is essential for survival.

Over the years personal trainers have adapted bootcamp training to make it a fun, social workout without compromising on the challenges!

Bootcamp training is an ideal form of training in monitored areas such as gyms, hotels, sports clubs and schools - with the guidance of a personal trainer or coach the frame and accessories can be used for an extensive range of exercises to suit all levels.



With Bootcamp Training it is open for all fitness levels to take part and while the main focus is on the exercise, bootcamp training is a social form of training and can help people make new friends and motivate each other to create a routine of exercise.

Bootcamp Training Questions

How many people can use the equipment at the same time?

With Bootcamp Training it is possible to have multiple groups working out and learning from each other.

Can the equipment be used by one person?

It is possible to train alone using bootcamp equipment but often people benefit from the motivation of being part of a group so training is often maximised as part of a group.

How much is each unit?

Prices vary - contact our office for more information or to receive a price list



Need advice?

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