Easy to use Fitness

Our X-ercise range of equipment provides an easy and intutitive work-out that combines strength training with aerobics, targeting all elements of fitness.

At each station a specific exercise for a specific muscle group is conducted and you can decide what to focus on and how many times to repeat.


X-ercise Questions

Is the equipment easy to use?

People who are familar with indoor exercises will be familiar with our x-ercise range and will be able to use each unit - instruction panels are available on each unit.

What is the lead time for each unit?

Lead time on equipment is approx 4-6 weeks - contact our office for more information.

Where do I get prices for each unit?

Contact our office on 091 704844 for a full price list for all our exercise range



Need advice?

We have nearly 50 years of experience, and will support you throughout the project.