Playgrounds, pitches and outdoor fitness areas for all ages and abilities

Our customers want to develop play and outdoor sport and fitness zones that will enrich the lives of people no matter their age. By working closely with each customer we help design and build facitities for all age groups - playgrounds for children, sports pitches for teenagers, outdoor fitness zones for adults and stay fit solutions for active seniors. Our aim is to provide imaginative play solutions and outdoor fitness areas to suit the needs of each community - our office is based in Galway and we have been providing quality play and fitness solutions throughout Ireland for over twenty years.

To WOW children to play and adults to exercise we have developed play equipment that is innovative and creative and will trigger the imagination and curiosity of children or trigger the desire for adults to be fit and active.

To make users STAY our equipment is packed full of play value with activities that excite and thrill while always being fun, challenging and stimulating

To help children DEVELOP we design our play equipment to help improve physical, cognitive, creative and social skills in order to help children as they grow and develop. For adults, our outdoor fitness equipment is challenging and resistant- no matter what your level of fitness is you still get a meaningful workout. For over fifty years KOMPAN have been making communities worldwide happier and healthier!

Our playgrounds and fitness areas are designed to be inclusive and for all abilites -everyone is invited and can be included in the fun! At KOMPAN Ireland we have our own in-house design team who can help and advise on the best solution for your area and our team is fully supported by our Design Studio team who can help to create innovative and themed units to support the local history of your area.

Every playground and fitness area should be enjoyed by many users and with many users comes wear and tear - for this reason at KOMPAN we use the highest quality materials and advanced enginnering to ensure your play and fitness zone last a lifetime and can be enjoyed by many generations. Within our Irish team we have our own in-house installation and maintenance teams who provide a country wide service providing the highest level of customer service.

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