Swings are an all-time favourite in every playground! Children of all ages love the sensation of swinging high into the clouds and flying through the air. They are great for a group of friends or they can be just as fun on your own. Using swings can help improve balance, co-ordination and communication skills as children learn to take turns. At KOMPAN, we have swings for all ages and abilities - our seat range includes baby seats, flat seats and our birds nest swing seat. Our newly introduced You & Me seat allows for an adult to enjoy the thrill of flying through the air with their children. Our swing range allows for great flexibilty when designing your swing and seat assortment-with a range of post and chain options our seats are designed to suit your needs. This means you can create a swing that suits your age requirements. If you want to provide a unique swing experience why not include our cocowave pendulum swing which you can enjoy standing, seated or lying.

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