Robinia Dynamics

Dynamic equipment that inspires movement!

Our range of dynamic equipment is exactly what the description suggests - equipment that is all about moving - slide, swing or spin with our range that will help improve children's activity levels and help them to learn about taking turns.

We have used favourites from other ranges such as our carousel and slides and recreated them for our Robinia range - the natural look and feel of the wood will suit both natural or urban environments.

Chilren will love returning to try each unit out time and time again and besides being great fun these units are helping children develop vital skills such as balance, muscle strength and bone density. Our Robinia Dynamics range invites children of all ages and abilities to come and experience the fun feeling of spinning, climbing, swinging and sliding which are all helping them develop new skills.

Are cableways safe?

The cableway provides a thrilling ride for users and our equipment is designed and built with safety in mind - all our equipment is certified and should only be used by users who feel comfortable doing so.

Does the wood need treating?

Robinia is a tight grained hardwood that has a natural quality that resists rot and pests and all our equipment is covered under warranty.


Need advice?

We have nearly 50 years of experience, and will support you throughout the project.