Robinia Play, act and learn

Bring your classroom outdoors

The Robinia Play, Act & Learn series is KOMPAN’s new approach to sensory, ground-based play for younger children.

Our Robinia Play, Act & Learn range takes children through a sensory and creative world of play with activities to stimulate their cognitive creative and social skills. Each unit allows for many children to play together and learn from each other.

With muscial and sensory equipment children will enjoy each unit as stand alone units or placed close together to create the ultimate play experience.


By incorporting these units in to your play area you can create an outdoor classroom for many children to enjoy together in the fresh air. Young minds can be developed with the units and children will create their own games and role play.

Where do we start?

Our product range is extensive and includes equipment in different materials, sizes and age ranges - let our design and sales team help you create your play area - with many years experience in the playground industry we can help and inspire you to create your play area.

What maintenance does the wood require?

Robinia is a tight grained hardwood that has a natural quality that resists rot and pests. We provide a warranty on all products and find out more by contacting our office.

Need advice?

We have nearly 50 years of experience, and will support you throughout the project.