Robinia Springers

Rocking on KOMPAN Robinia Springers

Be inspired with our large range of themed springers - all units are instantly recognisable to young children - dolphins and bugs, bees and snails and are all extremely tactile units.

The footprint of each springer is relatively small and is a great unit to include in any play area of all children love the rocking sensation and springers can be placed side by side so the rocking experience can be enjoyed with friends!

Rocking trains a child's sense of balance and spatial awareness and these will help children improve their concentration and awareness which will help children as they grow and make sense of the world around them.

Which springer is most popular?

Each springer adds a different theme to your play area so it varies depending on your preference - our bees and bugs are very popular!

Does the wood need to be preserved?

Robinia wood lasts outdoors without preservation for many years. The wood can be treated - giving it a darker colour or untreated - which allows it to age gracefully over the years.

How is the spring designed?

Our springs are engineered to make the movement of each springer optimal. The unique designed PA6 brackets fixed with stainless steel hardware ensures high safety while playing. The springs are cleaned, primed and powder coated for high durability in any environment.

Need advice?

We have nearly 50 years of experience, and will support you throughout the project.