Robinia Swings

Robinia Swings - a favourite with all ages

Children of all ages love to use swings and will return to the swings in a play area over and over again. Over the years swings have become more advanced and with different swing seats available children of all ages and abilities are catered for.

In the past swings were often seen as a solo activity but not any more as the nest swing, coco wave or our five way swing all encourage many users which increases the fun!

Swinging is great fun and children will love going higher and higher - as well as being fun, swings also help children improve their balance, co-ordination and spatial awareness.

Children will often queue to use swings and are happy to spend lots of time swinging and enjoying the sensation of flying high in to the sky. From cradle seats to flat seats we cater for all ages and our You and Me seat provides the opportunity for adults to experience the swinging sensation with their child.

Can swing seats be changed?

Seats can be combined to cater for different ages on swings - our design team can help you decide what seats will work for you.

Are wood posts available with steel footings?

Our swings are designed with a steel footing solution that elevates the wood from ground level.

Where can I get pricing?

Pricing is available in our catalogue section on our website or alternatively contact our office for a copy of our brochure.

Need advice?

We have nearly 50 years of experience, and will support you throughout the project.